Finding Your Path in Streeterville.

It is often said that life is a journey, and as such, there are many paths to take during the days, weeks, and years of our lives. Some offer distractions, others diversions, and many can create joyful experiences that teach life-long lessons and bring us closer to those that we care most about.

Moment, a new luxury apartment residence that offers mindful rental living, hopes to be a stop along the path for many.

Property Manager Tracy Vegeler and Leasing Manager Erin Higgens guide a team of leasing consultants at Moment. Together, they realize the importance of attentiveness towards others, especially their residents. Each are eager to help you along whatever path you are traveling.

“After starting my Paleo journey three years ago, I realized how to live in the present. I became more attentive to my body, mind, thoughts and feelings,” says Tracy. “Being mindful of a healthy lifestyle with the food choices I made gave me the opportunity to observe and feel the changes along the way.”

Sometimes the smaller things make all of the difference, as we pay attention on purpose.

“I like to find ways throughout each day to embrace being present and living in the moment,” says Erin.  “Just making eye contact and smiling during my morning commute really has the power to energize my entire day.” Erin adds, “When I am mindful of my surroundings, it helps me connect and experience interactions in a more meaningful way.”

Like Erin, who connects her mind and body by practicing barre and yoga on a regular basis, Leasing Consultants David Bell and Tuti Ballazhi both seek enjoyment and balance within the moment, but in different ways.

“With all the hustle and bustle of the city life, we sometimes forget to take a moment for ourselves,” says Tuti. “At the end of a busy day when the weather is nice, I love to take long walks along the lakefront and really take in everything around me.” David, a firm believer in sustaining an eco-friendly environment and living a balanced, mindful lifestyle, has a less-mobile but more-disciplined approach toward mindfulness. He practices “stillness” at Shamballa Meditation Center in Chicago’s West Loop.

If your journey has brought you to Chicago and you’re considering living in the wonderful Streeterville neighborhood, know that there are many who are more than willing to help you find your way.