Grab a Slice of Heaven in Streeterville

Everyone loves pizza, there’s no question about that. There’s just something amazing about a steaming, crispy crust that’s loaded with gooey layers of cheese and savory toppings.

Lucky for us, Roberts Pizza Co. is just a two minute walk away from Moment. We stopped by the classic pizza joint and got to know our new neighbors, who were kind enough to share their pizza wisdom with us. They also made our dreams come true and put our name on a pie.


What makes your pizza stand out from the others in the Loop?

The secret to Robert’s pizza is in the crust, which is a Garvey family recipe, affectionately dubbed ‘Za Dough,’ that took 20 years to perfect. ‘Za Dough’s unique crust allows Robert’s Pizza Company to offer not only the classics, but also new, never-before-tried recipes, such as the lamb vindaloo pizza and the original dessert pizza.

Settle the debate between thin crust and deep dish pizza once and for all. Which do you think is better?

While we specialize in artisanal thin crust, our team appreciates both thin crust and deep dish pizzas. It’s not that one is better than the other – they’re just very different! We prefer our pizza because of the way our crust supports so many unique flavor profiles that you can’t get with a deep dish pizza.

Where’s your favorite place to enjoy a slice of pizza in the Loop?

Our favorite place to enjoy pizza is in our home, where Robert’s Pizza Company was born. Before opening the restaurant, we spent over 15 years hosting pizza dinners for family, friends and friends of friends in our Gold Coast home, testing recipes and collecting feedback. We’re a family-owned and operated business, so it’s important to take time away from the restaurant and enjoy a meal together where it all began!

What’s the most popular menu item?

The Brussels Sprout and Applewood Smokes Bacon is a big crowd pleaser. It’s definitely one of our more unique pizzas and quickly became of our most popular pizzas!

What’s your favorite part about setting up shop in Streeterville?

We love the diversity of the community. We’ve gotten to know so many of our neighbors in the short time we’ve been open! It’s a great neighborhood to be a part of!

Just like that, Roberts Pizza Co. stole a pizza our heart. We don’t know about you, but we’re still imaging that brussels sprout and bacon creation they’re talking about…Who’s up for take out?