Meal Delivery Services in Chicago

Nothing beats kicking back and having your food delivered straight to your door! There are some great services here in the Loop – but which are the best? We tried a bunch and are reporting our findings back to you in our latest blog, the best grocery and meal kit deliveries in the Chicago Loop.

Madison and Rayne

First up on our list is Madison and Rayne – a sort of Blue Apron but all Chicago’s very own. They provide a list of different recipes every week and you can order a box that comes with all the ingredients as well as instructions on what to do with them. Perfect for dinner parties, the meals are very tasty and run between $15-$20 per portion. Delivery is free.

Try our smoked pork pappardelle, one of Chef Josh's newest winter dishes inspired by classic Italian carbonara.

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Next up on our blog is Cooked. They don’t deliver ingredients though; they deliver the finished thing that just needs heating up in the oven when you’re ready to eat. Despite being based in Evanston they service Chicago but delivery fees are decided upon by neighborhood (check their website for details). Cooked offers up a lot of choices, from regular meals to kids meals and more. A larger dinner averages $12 per plate but their delivery schedule is very flexible so you should be able to plan around it with ease.


Rounding out our blog on the best grocery and meal kit delivery services in the Chicago Loop is Kitchfix. Simply pick what you want off their menu (which changes every week) which comes with full dinners as well as snacks. As with Cooked, they deliver the food fully prepped – you just need to reheat to eat. The food here is on the healthier side (a plus!) including vegan options and they have a novel distribution system. You can opt for the home delivery service but there are two extra options. The first is to have them deliver to one of 24 spots around the city for free (you can pick the closest – the map is on their website). The second is to pick up the order at their offices at 1731 W. Grand Ave.

These are just a few of the best grocery/meal kit delivery in the Chicago Loop. If you can think of any we should check out, let us know so we can let everyone else know too! Our community is strong – especially when it comes to recommending great food!