Volunteer to Spread Holiday Cheer Around Chicago

The holiday season is quickly upon us, and that means festive cheer is in the air. Not just holiday decorations and Christmas carols, and certainly not just cold weather… no, when we think of this time of year, we always think of the love and joy abounding throughout the community.

What a great thing to blog about this week, don’t you think?

For our blog today, we at Moment Chicago want to shed a light on some fantastic volunteer opportunities you have around here. Getting involved in volunteering in the community is so rewarding, from helping feed those hungry and in need at a food pantry, to raising money for those who may be in a tougher financial spot than most. Allow us to highlight a few ways we encourage you to give back, to help those in need, and to genuinely make a difference.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Looking to help out at a youth organization? Big Brothers Big Sisters is a mentoring program that thrives on individuals who want to set a good example to children. Our young members of the community who are without role models thrive on having positive influences in their lives, especially during the holiday season. You’ll change a life forever – quite possibly your own.

Ronal McDonald House

One way to make a difference in the lives of families struggling because of a child’s health condition is to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House, just blocks away from us at Moment Chicago. As families are in the process of or waiting for a treatment, their basic needs are met at the RMH, and you can be apart of helping fill those needs, from cooking to cleaning to supporting the families during a trying time. There’s nothing like spreading love over the holiday season through an organization such as this one.

City of Chicago

The City of Chicago is always looking for people with civic passion to help better our community. From park clean-ups to school drives, our city government has myriad ways for you to get involved with the community on a governmental level to inspire real change in the lives of young and old around Chicago.

Want to find the specific charity for your passions, talents, and beliefs? Then www.chicagocares.org is the website for you. Browse through countless opportunities for giving back and community volunteerism to find exactly the charity or nonprofit you’re looking for. Who knows, maybe getting involved this season will lead to even more involvement and purpose in future seasons?

Whatever your holiday is that you celebrate, we can all agree that paying it forward and making a difference in someone’s life this season is a great way to spread festive holiday cheer. Whether the government, a specific charity, ot something else in the nonprofit sector is right for you, let love and joy go first in your efforts as you volunteer for something that will make a lasting impact and a real difference. Tis the season, after all!