Guide to Healthy Living in Chicago’s Loop

At Moment we believe that an active mind and a healthy body are the key to living a life full of adventure. We provide our residents with a variety of wellness programs and amenities to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

What does this mean for you? You’ll feel energized and ready to take on the day before you even step foot onto the streets of Chicago. We’ve partnered up with SWEAT, a local gym that’s revolutionizing group fitness classes, to give our readers a glimpse of healthy living inside the Loop.


Get Started

Our morning starts at Moment’s AWAKEN Coffee + Tea Bar, where we can refresh and begin the day with a freshly brewed cup of goodness. Caffeine in hand, we’re back to prepping a quick breakfast and enjoying the view from our floor-to-ceiling windows. Usually skip breakfast? Think again. Our friends at SWEAT have a few words to say about that:

“Whoever said breakfast is the most important meal of the day wasn’t kidding. When working out is part of your day EVERYDAY, fueling your body with the ingredients to get you through a workout is hugely important. We like to keep it simple. Some of our favorite things are eggs with avocado, protein waffles and fruit smoothies!”

Have a little extra time this morning? Try these scrumptious (and healthy) banana pancakes!

Power Through

Now that we’re fueled up and caffeinated, time to run down the street and take care of errands. It’s shopping day so we’re referring to this handy guide to Shopping in Streeterville. Who knew that we could quickly and conveniently pick up everything from sweaters (hey, winter is coming) to spaghetti squash (fall produce FTW) just down the street from Moment.

The team at SWEAT loves that “[our city] offers so many ways to get outside and stay active; recreational sports to workouts in the park.” Now that it’s getting chilly, we prefer to take our workouts inside and hit up the VITALITY Fitness Hub. With our Fitness on Demand digital system and SWEAT’s “Turn it Up” playlist, your workout will fly by in no time! The best way to refuel after a tough sweat sesh? Banana, protein smoothies, and chocolate milk.

Finish Strong

Having worked up a sweat, we’re hungry again in a few hours. SWEAT shares some of their top picks for a healthy lunch in the area:

“A few of our favorite places to grab lunch are Sweetgreen and Goddess and the Grocer! We’re big fans of their salads!”

Our favorite place to end a long day? The 45th floor sundeck and lounge at Moment. Here we can finally catch our breath and enjoy the stunning views. Healthy living inside the Loop is a piece of (spaghetti squash) pie when you’re living at a community designed with you in mind.