Our Favorite Bookstores in the Chicago Loop

Book lovers, unite! If you’re like us, then you’re excited about the fall and winter seasons because of the perfect, chilly weather that allows us to sit at home and read.

Of course, when you’re home is Moment Chicago, it’s not too hard to want to stay in, like, ALL the time… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Here at Moment Chicago, we’re big readers, and we love exploring our city to find bookstores to expand our ever-growing library. Starting a book collection of your own? Then you’ll want to make a pit stop to each of these three locations, just a few of our favorites we’re found in the Chicago Loop!

After-Words Bookstore

One of our favorite spots is After-Words Bookstore, a place that many locals love! Located just a short couple blocks west at 23 East Illinois Street, this downtown mainstay is one of the few independent bookstores left in Chicago, boasting two glorious floors with thousands of new and used books for you to get lost in. The variety, the event space, the atmosphere… it all adds up to make After-Words a place we keep on coming back to, time and time again.

Graham Crackers Comics Loop

Next up is a little different choice than you may be expecting: Graham Crackers Comics Loop. This kitschy comic campout caters to cool cats and kids alike, scratching that itch for the sci-fi, the obscure, the weird, the geeky, and the hard-to-find, all in one. If you like your bookstores of the colorful and comical variety, you’ll love this place! Not to mention, you’ll find frequent, fun events like costume contests and Magic The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons gameplay nights.

Barbara’s Bookstore

Last, but certainly not least, we find Barbara’s Bookstore, a Chicago standard known for its indie flair, family-friendly vibe, and frequent book signings. A friendly staff, myriad locations, and the warm, welcoming vibe make Barbara’s a place we can get lost in day in and day out, never getting bored, always finding something new to enjoy.

There you have it: these can’t-miss spots are perfect for book lovers and for new readers alike. There’s something for everyone – so when you find your perfect read, go ahead and let us know… we’d love to share with our community on social. That’s what makes Chicago such a great place to call home… and to get lost in while lost in a great book, of course!