3 Themed Bars in Chicago

We wound up at a theme-bar a month ago and had so much fun that we thought there have to be others – and there are! So many that we needed to put a blog together listing the best, themed bars in the Chicago Loop.

You won’t believe what we found and how much fun is to be had out there so let’s dive right in.

Safehouse Chicago

Kicking off our blog is Safehouse Chicago over at 60 E. Ontario Street where you can get your secret agent on. Located in an alleyway with a vaguely nondescript sign that reads “International Exports Ltd.” Safehouse plays at being a bar for spies very, very well! You’ll need a password to get in (we’re not revealing it here as we could be tried for treason at the very least) BUT if you don’t have it, you’ll have to pass a test to gain entrance with Miss Moneypenny (and it’s not that hard!). The food and drinks here are great and they’ve won awards for their burger (it’s delicious). Just remember to get your martini shaken – not stirred.

Three Dots and a Dash

Next up on our blog about themed bars in the Chicago Loop is Three Dots And A Dash at 435 N. Clark Street where you can go get your Tiki on. Once you’ve found your way in (it’s in the back alley on Hubbard St), you’ll find yourself in a big, underground space. Their obsession with all things tiki shows everywhere you turn (and it’s been named one of the World’s Best 50 Bars by Drinks International). We sampled the Bali Bali and the Zombie, both of which looked and tasted great. Get there and shake your grass skirt!

Soak up the rum☀️

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Monk’s Pub

Finishing up our blog on the best, themed bars in the Chicago Loop is Monk’s Pub over at 205 W. Lake Street – and as far as themes go, “Trappist Belgian Monastery” is probably the LAST thing you’d think of. But they’ve nailed it – from the beer-pulling monk on the sign outside to the dusty barrels inside. Their burgers are a religious experience in and of themselves too.

We had to much fun at these different themed bars and we’re sure you will too. Wherever you go, however, please remember to drink responsibly – that’s one theme that ALL the bars we’ve listed also include!