Best Brunch Restaurants in Streeterville

If you’re the type of person who can’t get through the weekend without plans for brunch, then you’re in for a treat! We’ve put together a tasty list of all the best Streeterville brunch restaurants.

Your friends will thank you for introducing them to some of Chicago’s best brunch options!

West Egg Cafe
620 N Fairbanks Ct

West Egg Cafe means business – they’re only open during the day! This restaurant’s culinary influences hail from Italian, Greek, and Tex-Mex cuisine. Whether you’re looking for something hearty or healthy, this Streeterville brunch restaurant really has it all! Their rotisserie chicken is a favorite amongst locals (and has quite a few global fans!).

355 E Ohio St

Yolk has several locations in Chicago, because locals just can’t get enough of it. You’ll love their creative breakfast ideas and sandwiches, served up in a cheery atmosphere that will help you wake up from whatever you came from last night! Zagat talks about their “enormous” portions and “perfectly done” eggs. What else do you really need?

Kanela Breakfast Club
502 E Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

It doesn’t get much better than Kanela Breakfast Club. Like Yolk, they have multiple locations across Chicago’s bustling neighborhoods. Their food can be defined as a modern spin on your favorite breakfast items, like red velvet French toast. Besides more typical American fare, you’ll also find a Greek influence present in the amazing dishes they whip up during brunch.

LYFE Kitchen
830 N Michigan Ave

LYFE Kitchen is a new Chicago chain that serves some of the most flavorful healthy dishes you’ll find in the city. The globally-inspired menu is made with local ingredients and promises not to negatively affect your waistline. If you need to detox a recent indulgent brunch, LYFE KItchen is the perfect spot for you and your crew.

671 N St Clair St

You can really come to Beatrix at any time of the day and find something delicious, healthy, and flavorful. This Lettuce Entertain You restaurant has a delicious bakery, refreshing juice options, and craft coffee drinks that put Starbucks to shame. This specific location also has an extensive salad bar!

Eggs, Inc. Cafe
680 N Lake Shore Dr

Service with a smile, and is there any question in your mind that a place called “Eggs, Inc. Cafe” could serve anything but an amazing brunch? Their menu has a lot of style and variety – you’ll want to come back and try new things!

Chicagoans take brunch very seriously, which is why you’ll find yourself waiting in line at most of these Streeterville brunch restaurants if you show up without a reservation. Plan accordingly, and enjoy these Streeterville morning options!